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Near one of Cuba’s top resort towns and not far from Havana, are the amazing Cuevas de Bellamar, or Bellamar Caves. This cave system, which has been one of the top Cuba attractions for more than a century, can be accessed from Varadero, Havana or the port city of Matanzas. If you are coming to Varadero to enjoy the alluring Varadero Beach, you might add a tour of the Cuevas de Bellamar and Matanzas city as part of your Varadero day tour schedule, which would be an ideal compliment to your getaway.

These caves are considered to be one of the oldest tourist attractions in Cuba; they are open to visitors since the 1860s. They are also one some the longest and deepest natural caves in Cuba. The impressive halls and galleries are filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, krastic crystals, fountains, crystallized domes and some other unique limestone formations. Indigenous paintings and fossils have also been found here.
The explored area is 3 km long and the area open to visitors is about 1 km long. The entrance of the cave goes down many steps (man-made) and the rest of the visit is on a fairly flat path, the cave is humid and warm, so good walking shoes and light clothing are suggested.

Every year thousands of vacationers take a tour of this spectacular natural wonder. Tours of the Cuevas de Bellamar are readily available from Varadero and can be readily arranged from any location through the following link as a Varadero day tour also independent travelers can get a private taxi or a train-bus from the town of Matanzas. Guided tours of the Bellamar Caves cost about $5 each (there is an extra charge to take photographs) and leave once an hour from 9 am to 8 pm. It is best to arrive with an arranged tour to ensure an English-speaking guide.


varadero day tour

Outside the Bellamar Caves visitors will find a small visitor’s complex, the “Finca La Alcancia” wich includes a playground for children and a restaurant serving dishes of traditional Cuban food, the tour of the Bellamar Caves is relatively short so a visit to the caves makes a good morning or afternoon excursion from the hotels at Varadero or a full Varadero day tour including “The City of Bridges” Matanzas and an enjoyable outing for parents and children alike.

If planning to stay overnight, the city of Matanzas doesn’t exactly cater well to foreign travelers, which is a bit peculiar, but there are options like casas particulares for rent, which are private rooms that locals lease out. The Hotel Louvre, which is a modest Bellamar hotel choice, is located on the city’s main square, and their staffs is known to be both friendly and interesting, generally serenading guests with welcoming music, and pouring them a refreshing drink upon arrival. Once a beautiful, 19th century structure, the Hotel Louvre has certainly seen better days, but it is more than sufficient for most, and if you are lucky, you can get an air-conditioned room, with a private bathroom and a balcony that looks out on to the Parque de la Libertad square, also Hotel Canimao is another Bellamar hotel option, and it is housed in a 19th century house found just across from the Matanzas Tropicana Cabaret. It offers comfortable accommodations, and is just outside of the city on the road that runs to Varadero.

Definitely The Bellamar Caves are likely to be one of the top Cuba tourist attractions for many years to come and one of the most popular Varadero day tour options!


Varadero Day tour