Discover the Natural Tranquility of Jibacoa

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Jibacoa is the perfect destination for travelers seeking an escape where nature and serenity blend seamlessly. Situated a mere 60 kilometers from Havana and just 12 kilometers from the enchanting Santa Cruz del Norte, where the Cuban actress Ana de Armas, nominated for the Oscars, was born. Join us to discover the wonders of this natural treasure, from its scenic beaches to its lively cultural festivals.

Explore Jibacoa’s Beaches

The area boasts a rich marine biodiversity, protected by the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. Among its attractions are impressive caves, coral formations, and a diverse community of fish and mollusks, making it an ideal destination for diving and snorkeling. With landscapes of singular beauty, this beach is the perfect refuge for those seeking a peaceful vacation.

Canasí and Puerto Escondido: Hidden Natural Treasures

In the vicinity of Jibacoa, two little-known but incredibly attractive natural gems can be found: Canasí and Puerto Escondido.

The Abra de los Arcos in Canasí is a monumental gateway for the most adventurous explorers. It is not only a camping area but also a landscape worthy of admiration. The river, the mogotes, the caves, as well as the rich local fauna and flora, display all their splendor.

From an elevation of over five meters above sea level, there is a viewpoint overlooking the mouth of the Canasí River, where it expands to reach a width of about 100 meters. This place offers privacy and the opportunity to camp in the open air. All that is needed is a tent, mountain-appropriate footwear, and a bathing suit to be prepared and in harmony with the environment.

Puerto Escondido, much like Canasí, exudes a similar enchantment. It promises visitors an equally mesmerizing experience. Surrounded by lush nature, this locale beckons you to immerse yourself in its unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Its beaches and landscapes are a sensory delight, providing the ideal backdrop for outdoor activities and moments of pure relaxation. Moreover, akin to Canasí, Puerto Escondido offers the chance to camp and forge a close connection with the natural surroundings. Additionally, Puerto Escondido boasts a renowned diving spot, further enhancing its appeal. Both destinations stand as hidden natural treasures, eagerly awaiting discovery.

Campismos Populares and Accommodation for International Travelers

The Popular Campsites in Jibacoa offer an authentic and accessible experience for Cubans on a budget, providing a direct connection with nature. Places like Los Cocos, Peñas Blancas, El Abra, La Laguna, and Playa Amarilla serve as authentic refuges for visitors.

For international visitors looking for comfort and high-quality service, Jibacoa offers accommodation options at Villa Trópico, Memories Jibacoa Hotel ( 4-star ), and Breezes Jibacoa Hotel (also 4-star ). These spaces combine elegance with the natural charm of the area, providing a cozy retreat after a day of exploration.

Exploration and Adventure

Nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers will find a true paradise in Jibacoa. From horseback rides along trails that disappear into the horizon to climbing elevations that almost touch the sea, the possibilities are endless. The panoramic views from these elevated points offer a breathtaking spectacle. Moreover, in the month of August, Playa Jibacoa becomes the epicenter of the Electronic Music Festival, a unique of its kind in Cuba, bringing together hundreds of rock and hip-hop enthusiasts who camp by the sea. This festival adds an electrifying dimension to the natural wonders of Jibacoa, offering a unique blend of music and scenic beauty for all to enjoy.


Jibacoa is much more than a tourist destination; it is an authentic connection with nature. With its crystal-clear beaches, abundant marine life, and diverse entertainment, Jibacoa is a haven for tranquility and nature. Discover this paradise and explore more of Cuba’s wonders in our other posts. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Jibacoa!

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